Hey. I'm Joe Joe .

I solve problems for a living.

My main squeeze is Laravel Laravel , but I've got a crush on Vue Vue , Inertia Inertia , and React React .

*Starting to get cozy with Livewire Livewire as well.


CLI Experiments

I've been really interested in building UIs in the terminal for a bit now.

Feel free to SSH in and check out what I've been playing with:

ssh cli.lab.joe.codes


Laracon India


March 23-24

Talkin' TUls: Building UIs in the Terminal with Laravel Prompts


New York City

I started a local NYC meetup and I'm really digging it.

We meet every 6 weeks or so, head to phpxnyc.com if you want to join us.

Laracon US

Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX

August 27-28