Joe Tannenbaum

Full Stack Developer based out of NYC.

Passionate about clean, readable code. Obsessed with optimization and streamlining processes.

Joe Tannenbaum


These technologies are where my expertise lives, they are the building blocks for every project I build.


A rock-solid, well-tested PHP framework. Laravel allows me to create stable, performant APIs and web apps quickly and efficiently.


A beautifully written JavaScript framework for creating dynamic interfaces, single-page apps, and more.

React Native

Write (almost) once, launch on multiple platforms. The most effective way to codeshare between iOS and Android native apps.


Current projects that I'm working on, as well as sample projects for clients.

Audition Prompter

As COVID-19 shifted actors to audition via self-tape, I wanted to build a tool for those last-minute auditions that come in that you don't have time to fully memorize. Along came Audition Prompter, a teleprompter for your audition.

What makes Audition Prompter unique is the ability to easily import the music and lyrics and sync them so that you basically have your very own karaoke player.

Vue.js Tailwind CSS Laravel DigitalOcean GSAP Stripe Single Page App (SPA)

Rat T

What started as a way to entertain people while in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic ended up being a labor of love that I am supremely proud of.

Rat T, a card game I play often with friends, is now an online game that you can play with anyone. I utilized Pusher to make the game real-time and GSAP to animate the gameplay and interactivity.

I opted to not have user accounts to make the experience smoother and allow anyone to play easily. Just enter your name, share your unique game URL with the other players, and you're playing!

Laravel Vue.js Pusher Tailwind CSS GSAP

All Paste

Originally built to scratch my own itch, All Paste is a way to transfer arbitrary text and links securely between devices in real-time.

As I develop and test apps, I am often working on test devices that I don't want to sign into any personal accounts on.

I needed a way to get simple information back and forth between my primary computer and these test devices without having to expose a sensitive password to an untrusted device.

All Paste uses passwordless authentication via Auth0 and syncs in real time using Firestore, so there's no need to refresh once the web app is loaded.

Firebase Auth0 Vue.js


A website builder and content management system specifically geared towards users in the performing arts.

Using the web app requires no technical knowledge at all, and is specifically tailored to solve the issues in building a website for a performer.

Fully hosted, fully optimized, ready-to-go sites backed by the Laravel framework.

Laravel Stripe AWS DigitalOcean Let's Encrypt


A Slack bot that allows you to share music across various streaming services.

Simply feed Earjam a URL from Apple Music, Spotify, or and it finds the corresponding URLs for the other streaming services and shares them in a beautifully formatted message.

Slack Stripe

Broadway Business Grosses

A collaboration with Broadway Brands, we set out to create the ultimate destination to check the weekly Broadway Grosses.

Built as a single page app using Vue.js and backed by a Laravel-powered API, we raised the bar for both design and data visualizations in the current landscape.

The site is also fully responsive, packing in as much data per screen as possible while still making it digestible, a first for the industry.

Vue.js Laravel Chart.js Single Page App (SPA)

Broadway App

A collaboration with Broadway Brands, the Broadway App is the definitive source for navigating the Broadway Theater District.

Complete with an interactive map of the area, the app includes a multitude of information including showtimes, ticket pricing, rush policies, accessibility information, and more.

React Native Google Maps
Broadway News App

Broadway News App

A collaboration with Broadway Brands, we brought Broadway News to the app stores.

We used the existing Wordpress REST API to pull stories into the native apps and allowed the Broadway News admins to control push notifications and app configuration settings right from the Wordpress Dashboard.

React Native Wordpress REST API

Lawline App

A collaboration with Lawline, a leader in online Continuing Legal Education, their mobile apps brought their entire course catalog right into their users' pockets.

We used the existing REST API to pull in their entire course catalog so that users could manage their courses and accounts right from their phones.

We also created a state-of-the-art audio player that syncs slides as they play programs and allows them to take timestamped notes using Lawline's SmartNotes system.

React Native

Open Source

How I'm contributing to the development community.


Helper library for running PHP on the command line. Easily output colors, special formats, tables, progress bars, collect input, and more.

Currently maintained by Craig Duncan.


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