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Full Stack Developer and co-founder of Sammich Shop, based out of NYC. Passionate about clean, readable code. Obsessed with streamlining processes. Avid coffee drinker. Lover of music. Happy husband.


  • PHP
  • MySQL, SQL
  • Laravel/Lumen, CodeIgniter
  • PHPUnit
  • Git, SVN
  • Javascript, Angular, Vue.js, jQuery
  • Gulp
  • CSS, Less, Sass
  • AWS, Vagrant, Ansible
  • Bootstrap
  • Elasticsearch, Firebase, Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Wordpress
  • ColdFusion


Lawline / Lead Web Developer

DECEMBER 2011 - MAY 2016, New York, NY

Managed a team of four developers. Jack of all trades, job included:

  • Writing object oriented, test-backed code
  • Project planning
  • Basic server provisioning and maintenance
  • Database design
  • Serving as business liaison

Developed numerous tools that streamlined business processes and greatly improved course creation turnaround time.

Rebuilt entire website using Laravel 5.1 and Angular. Restructured entire MySQL database, normalizing data and improving query efficiency. Migrated millions of rows (7+ years worth) of data to new structure, maintaining data integrity. Built centralized RESTful API for various web properties and an installable SDK so properties could communicate with it.

I am extraordinarily proud of this project. It was a very long process, we were migrating a large amount of poorly and inconsistently stored data, and building both the external and internal tools from scratch. It was a complex launch with a lot of moving pieces, and it went off without a hitch. The results of this project allow the business to iterate on new features safely and quickly, moving forward confidently with new strategies.

PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Ubuntu, AWS, Git, Less, Sass, Vagrant, Ansible, Angular, Javascript, Firebase, Wowza, Elasticsearch

The Conference Board / Senior Web Developer

JUNE 2009 - DECEMBER 2011, New York, NY

Worked with development team to restructure and redesign antiquated website. Built numerous internal business tools to maintain website content, provide data insight, and convert manual processes into automated ones.

ColdFusion, SQL, jQuery, CSS, SVN

Linden Travel / Web Developer

JANUARY 2009 - JUNE 2009, New York, NY

Short term contract, worked on site with marketing team to redesign and reorganize existing website. Converted static website to Wordpress to allow business to update their own website and blog, built custom theme to handle business-specific features.

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS

McGinn Smith & Co. Inc. / Web Developer

OCTOBER 2007 - FEBRUARY 2008, New York, NY

Worked with marketing team to build out various websites intended to bring in extra revenue for the business. Fast-paced, a lot of prototyping very quickly. Used primarily Wordpress and Drupal for content management purposes.

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS

Open Source


Helper library for running PHP on the command line. Easily output colors, special formats, tables, progress bars, collect input, and more.

Mr. Clean

An extendible PHP data cleaner that allows you to easily manipulate strings, arrays, objects, and anything in between.


PHP library for the Pushbullet API.


Syracuse University / BFA Acting

2003 - 2007, Syracuse, NY

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